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On 9 November 2013, BT Sports won the exclusive rights to show the Champions and Europa League competitions. The cost? £897 million.

Since 1992, ITV, the free to air terrestrial channel has shown Champions League football and for the past 20 years has shared the rights with pay per view broadcaster Sky.

This was a perfect arrangement that allowed those who could not and did not want to pay to watch the football on ITV and those who did not mind paying to watch on Sky with the knowledge they can always switch to ITV for coverage if they wanted.

ITV had more viewers. Dare I say millions more while Sky had the better analysis but it worked.

In 2011, the match between Manchester United and Barcelona was watched, at a peak, by 11.15 million on ITV. On Sky, at a peak, it was 2.2 million. That says it all especially when it comes to British teams.

BT have said that they are committed to showing at least one British team free during the competitions but what does 'free' mean? Is it 'free' if you have BT broadband? Is it 'free' if you have Virgin tv? What if people don't have BT broadband or virgin? Will it still be 'free' to them?

Please sign the petition below and let your voice be heard. Together hopefully, we can make a change!!

We, the undersigned, call on BT Sports to share the Champions League and Europa League competitions with ITV.

Subletting matches to ITV means that you recoup some of the money you paid back and still maintain the rights.

Subletting matches to ITV means that viewers can still continue to watch high quality matches without having to pay or illegally streaming matches, which, mark my words, will happen even more now.

Subletting matches to ITV means that there is a win win situation for those who want to pay and those who do not want to pay.

Subletting matches to ITV means that there will not be the inevitable slump in viewing numbers as has happened with Cricket.

We also ask that if subletting is agreed that ITV can show the final along with BT sports as is the case now with Sky.

ITV and Sky have shown pay per view with free to air works. Whatever your issues with Sky is, please do not alienate those of us in the middle. Those of us who just want to watch good football on ITV.

You share the FA cup rights with BBC so why not this with ITV?

This is all we ask.

Thank you!

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