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Kerala Police and Court

A heartbreaking incident happened in Trivandrum, Kerala. A Labrador named Bruno of Mr.Christuraj brutally killed by 3 persons. Bruno daily used to play on the beach. On that day after playing, he rested near a boat. From there 3 persons aged 20, 22, 28 brutally killed Bruno by beating him using a stick, and Bruno was hanged in fish hook alive. Mr. Christuraj filed a case against these criminals at Vizhinnam police station, Trivandrum, Kerala but because of political influences, these criminals were not presented in front of the police. This started with a dog, but who knows they are not going to start killing people? We want justice for Bruno and the safety of our community whether it be the people or it is any animal. This is our call and this petition is to make you all aware of this case. No one would ever think of losing their loved ones and for that, we all have to fill it up.

this is the link to the whole incident and a big proof of the case. The video to this is much more pathetic. I am doing my duty, now it's your turn.

I am shameful being a human that I am unable to do anything other than writing just a petition.

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We are humans and this is our duty to make this world a safe and peaceful place to live. Now, this is our call to serve and make everyone aware.
Bruno is not the only one. There are many animals who are treated with hatred. They being animals can love us unconditionally, then why not us???
Sign this petition and let the criminals be under barriers. We can do this

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