Programming Executives of Australian Commercial Television Networks

July 30, 2006

Sometimes Monday latenight, or possibly Wednesday, sometimes in order, but often not, cut off frequently mid series, not promoted.

Australian television networks consistently ignore a significant component of their audience by treating science fiction programming as a gap filler rather than programs deserving of consistent support and timeslots.

As sales of DVDs indicate they are not only doing their audience a disservice, but are shooting themselves in the foot with an audience group that retains significant disposable income and the willingness to spend on such products.

This is a call to programming executives to offer support to this genre of television, a call to show some willingness to grow audiences for a popular genre of television.

We the undersigned call on the programming executives of the major Australian commercial television networks to correct their ongoing unfair treatment of science fiction genre of television programming.

We call on networks to treat such programs as weekly staples, not last minute gap fillers.

We believe that viewers of such programming constitute an affluent component of the Australian audience which in ignoring networks themselves potential revenue streams.

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