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Over the years, the British Council has supported various programmes to tackle climate change (among others, "Climate Champions" and "Challenge Europe"), involving young people all over the world. However, budget cutbacks may soon hit such programmes, putting an end to this exemplary initiative, which has led to the development of a fantastic network of young people and professionals fighting together for a common objective.

By signing this petition, you will help future young people to benefit from these programmes, working together to promote best practices and reduce carbon emissions.

Through its choice of supporting specific programmes to tackle climate change, the British Council has proven over the years that the United Kingdom aspires to bring a real change at the international level by helping young volunteers all over the world to collaborate and work together.

The British Council’s key role in promoting cultural heritage has led to the development of a multinational network sharing a common vision in line with the country’s values. The United Kingdom’s love of nature has a long history, from the most famous historical figures (Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin…) to the foundation of the National Trust back in 1895.

Such cultural heritage can only encourage young people to commit themselves to safeguarding our planet. As well as the knowledge transfer and best practice dissemination related to climate change, both the Climate Champions and Challenge Europe programmes help to bring participants together, and equip them with the social competences and technical skills required to be active against such a global challenge. By doing so, these programmes generate a tremendous feeling of belonging together for young people from different cultural backgrounds: fighting together for a common objective has always helped put differences aside.

In addition, climate advocates benefit from the tremendous opportunities to build strong partnerships with a number of stakeholders from all sectors: corporate, non-governmental, environmental, academic and decision-makers across the world. The British Council is at the centre of this process of relationship building with key actors in the field of climate change. Participants in the British Council climate programmes are powerful allies for the UK often strengthened by the fact that many have studied or worked in the UK (or are willing to do so) and have kept a strong positive feeling about their experience.

For these reasons, we believe that beyond their scientific purposes, such programmes tackling climate change greatly help with building lasting relationships between the UK and other countries. In this framework, we encourage the British Council to pursue its efforts in supporting climate programmes, while developing an amazing network of young people sharing and willing to promote the organisation’s values.

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