Rochester, MN City Council
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This is a simple petition to the Rochester, MN City Council to allow Uber to come to the city.

Uber is a convenient and easy to use "taxi like" service that is affordable and offers high quality service. Here is a link to some of the benefits Uber has to offer. http://uber.mbsf.org/benefits-of-using-uber

Uber allows an individual to work on a basis that fits their needs and schedule. Someone who is looking for a little extra cash or to fill free time during the day, night, and evenings. It is very easy to use and they are usually very quickly to respond when called upon.

Here in Rochester we the people deal with long waits when calling on cab drivers for a ride. Especially in the evenings and on weekends. With Uber being allowed in Rochester, this could cut down wait times that customers have to wait for a "cab", this would be very beneficial to people stuck out in the cold on winter nights after a night on the town.

If Rochester city council were to deny Uber the chance to come to town, they are potentially denying people the right to work (people who want to drive with Uber) and denying a business the right to compete. We need an open market here in Rochester that could bring down the price of cabs and is more affordable.

Not all residents in town are going to switch to using Uber, but the residents in Rochester should have a right to choose who they want use as a taxi service and to provide business to.

Please Rochester City Council consider bringing Uber to Rochester, MN to provide jobs and better service to its residents.

We, the undersigned, call on the Rochester, MN City Council to allow Uber the chance to come to town and operate as a new and upcoming taxi service. Allow us to have chance to work for a company that is currently not in the city market.

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