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Bring Kpop group Twice to Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

We all want a K-pop group to come to the Caribbean. I'm also sure that we are all fed up with them calling it a world tour yet still none have come here. Please pur your signature on this petition to bring Twice to Trinidad and Tobago. There are so many groups that we would live to come here but I feel like seeing Twice live is a different experience that we all want the experience of. These are some other groups that we would also like to come here.
Red Velvet

Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We, the Caribbean Fans would like to reach out to all K-Pop groups and say that they should come to the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago in particular. We all want to get the experience of seeing them live as well as the rest of the world. Thank You for hearing our voice.

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