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Mayor Matt Brown

London road construction is a fact of life, but driver frustration and commute times could be vastly improved if residents utilized a simple and effective merging technique known as the Zipper Merge. When multiple traffic lanes are being merged into one, drivers should be encouraged to stay in their lane until the point of merge and then alternate. This has been proven effective in many jurisdictions. Unfortunately, drivers feel it is rude to not to merge at the first opportunity and this actually creates a traffic wave that magnifies congestion.

Implementing the Zipper Merge would cost very little as the city need only educate local drivers and alter the current construction signs to alert them that a Zipper Merge is coming up and how to handle it.

See Minnesota's example here: https://www.dot.state.mn.us/trafficeng/workzone/doc/When-latemerge-zipper.pdf

Let's urge Mayor Matt Brown and City Counsel to make this a reality and bring some sanity to our city roads!

We, the undersigned, call on Mayor Matt Brown and London City Counsil to implement a Zipper Merge campaign to educate local drivers on proper merging techniques thereby improving commute times and reducing driver frustration during inevitable road construction.

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