Remember the old Myspace? Searching local bands? No horrible lag? Friends lists that worked? Working IM's? Actually making your own layouts with no silly modules and lagging, forceful layout options?

We do, too! Myspace was the forefront for social and musical expansion. Corporate interference has taken that all away. It was the ONLY place musicians had and could have again to branch out.

Myspace, get rid of the new, silly design and bring back the good ol' days. Simple layout, basic HTML editable design. We miss it.

Facebook is a HORRIBLE alternative to what Myspace used to be. Give our social site back!

We, the undersigned, call on Myspace to revert to its old layout, give back the ability to search local music, and quit with the horrible laggy layout.

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The Bring The old Myspace back! petition to Myspace.com was written by Anthony McKee and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.