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Original Petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/qdfa3213/

This attracted 4 time F1 World Champion Alain Prost and Liberal Politician the Hon. Christopher Pyne to sign it along with many other South Australians and fans around the world.

In late 2011, the Official F1 to Adelaide Twitter Page was launched and has received some big name support from F1 driver Riccardo Patrese, McLaren, Touring car drivers Tom Coronel and Yvan Marshall and European Le Mans Driver Jack Clarke as well as Politicians and local councils from South Australia and Interstate as well as media personalities.

Official Twitter Page please follow: @F1toAdelaide

The Official F1 to Adelaide Promo Video was launched on Youtube and has received over 400 hits! It can be viewed here:


In early January FIA President Jean Todt replied in an email saying: "There are many of us in F1 that would like to race in Adelaide again."

The positive benefits in bringing F1 back to Adelaide:

•Bernie Ecclestone said he will subsidise the costs of hosting the Australian Grand Prix if it becomes a night race.

•It will bring in thousands of Tourists from all corners of the globe to visit our city and other main attractions during race week.

•It will put Adelaide back on the map.

•It will stop other cities abusing us and calling us a "Backwater, Retirement Village or the Whinger City."

•It will help our local small and large businesses.

•It will help our falling Retail Industry especially in places like Rundle Mall.

•It will create new Full Time and Short Term jobs and it will also help our local economy.

•It will showcase our city once again to the whole world that we can host world class events.

•It will show that our Government and our State does have the confidence to do great things instead of holding back all the time.

•It will make our city become a Super Event City and keep the name "The Festival State."

•It will be showcased to millions of viewers worldwide since Formula 1 is the second most watched sport in the world after the FIFA World Cup.

•Putting the race alongside the Clipsal 500 in November would make us have the biggest Motorsporting Festival in the World.

•It will bring big celebrities to our city.

•We could have the possibility of seeing an Australian competing for the World Championship on our very own soil.

Adelaide hosted a Formula One showpiece for 11 years from 1985-1995 and it was one of the most successful and most enjoyable races on the F1 calendar. The Formula One Grand Prix brought the best drivers and teams in the world to compete for motorsport's highest prizes: the Formula One World Drivers’ & Constructors’ Championships.

We have seen the Golden Era of drivers grace our city streets such as Nigel Mansell, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna to name a few, all competing for the World Drivers’ Championship in the last race of the season in November when it was in Adelaide. The Formula One Grand Prix was the most profitable race on the F1 Calendar. It was loved by the drivers, teams, F1 fans worldwide and the entire Motorsport community. Bringing the Formula One Grand Prix back to Adelaide would showcase some of the most greatest F1 talents and current legends to be on an F1 circuit.

Now this is the time to sign this petition and to bring back the Australian Formula One Grand Prix to Adelaide before Melbourne and Australia lose it forever. Imagine moving the Clipsal 500 to November and putting it alongside the Formula One Grand Prix and have the Clipsal during the day and F1 at night and both races as the last rounds of their respective Championships. Our state will have what would be considered the greatest Motorsporting Festival in the world! Imagine all of the wonders it will do to our state!

This is the most exciting and atmospheric motorsport event in the world and it would be a sad day in history if the sport of Formula 1 leaves our country forever. We need the Grand Prix to stay in Australia and return back to Adelaide because we have one of the most famous and rated the best city street circuit in the world! It would regain it's greatness and pick up from where it left off and produce some classic races.

Formula One Management boss Mr. Bernie Ecclestone said that he will subsidise the cost of the Australian Grand Prix if it becomes a night race.

We must bring this one year tradition back to Adelaide where it belongs and it would look absolutely spectacular to see F1 races take place once again in Adelaide this time under lights. The atmosphere in our city would be electrifying as it once was with thousands of screaming Formula One fans cheering on for their favourite teams and drivers. The Formula One night races in Adelaide would be great for tourism in our state; it will help our Economy and would be great for small and large businesses. Who wouldn't want the possibility to see an Australian have a chance of winning the World Drivers’ Championship on our very own soil!

This petition will be sent to the South Australian Government both Labor and Liberal Parties, South Australian Tourism Commission, the FIA, Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, & formula1.com. We must show the entire South Australian Government that the Formula One Grand Prix must return and that we want it back. It made Adelaide such a special place and it showcased to the world that South Australia is a great and unique state and that people from all over the world should come and visit.

The South Australian Government should actually realise that the event can be cheaper than they actually think!

Please sign this petition and support this great cause in bringing the Pinnacle of Motorsport back to our city streets as a night race from 2016 onwards. C’mon Adelaide, South Australia and F1 fans! Get Behind It!

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