all Super junior's fans in Morocco & in the world

As we know, art doesn't confess frontiers, the world became a tiny town, music is an international language,it has its own way to take over people's hearts & bring a message of peace & understanding!

We've followed & witnessed Super junior's beginnings,watched them working hard to success, we've laughed with them & shared their sad moments, they always performed good art & devoted to their career & fans.

Morocco was & still a country of rich culture & history, opened to all kinds of arts & music, Morocco orginize each year many international festivals & welcome the biggest starts from the five continents to proove that our diffrences can make us closer, to give a peace message & to enjoy sweet moments!!!

As the fans of SUJU in Morocco,north Africa & all the world, we'd like to see them coming to Morocco,as dear guests & welcomed visitors, we'd love to participate in a concert in Morocco, they may feel free to choose any city of Morocco,any festival or hold a concert on their own!!

Many Moroccan people & from other countries will be happy to see their idols performing!! Of course, Suju members are welcomed any time to spend a nice holiday in Morocco & enjoy unfogettibale moments!!

Please consider this seriously, we do really hope for Super Junior to come to Morocco!

Thanks for supporting!

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