We, as viewers of Miley Jab Hum Tum serial have been violated of our primary rights and were mocked of our sentiments. We were asked by Star One channel to vote for 3 of the 4 leads who will stay in MJHT Season 2, but. Many of the fans although were disgusted by the idea did vote in vain attempt and desperation to see their favorite actor and actress to see in the upcoming Season. The channel never set forwards rules and they conveniently changed the POLL RESULTS at the last moment which is against the law.

Fake polls, drama, and various other injustices were done. Up on huge uproar from the viewers the channel is giving the viewers cockamamie stories and refuses to stick the aforementioned POLL RESULTS. As per the original poll was won by Nupur character which is essayed by Rati Pandey , which was unethically and unlawfully was eliminated from the serial hurting the sentiments of many fans.

Now, we demand that Rati Pandey should be reinstated in the show as Nupur , the one who actually WON the poll. Nothing short of this would bring justice to people who voted for their favorite stars.

In the country of largest democracy, people's fundamental rights have been violated. It is appalling to know we don’t matter and our choice doesn’t matter.

We are requesting and demanding at the same time that Rati Pandey should be reinstated in the show as Nupur, who should be given a proper story line with due respect as she deserves compensation for the injustice. We will be heard, our choice prevails and we earned the right to seek justice.

Sign for us and our choices.


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