Radiohead lovers.

Radiohead has never been to Singapore, yet us fans here keep supporting, listening to, and waiting ever so patiently. Singapore has never tasted the sweet vocals, chords, and progressions of this musically genius quintet. I'm pretty sure you can call that deprivation. So basically WE WANT, no, WE NEED RADIOHEAD!

So please please, Radiohead + Radiohead's manager + Radiohead's agent + basically anyone working for Radiohead, please make Radiohead come to Singapore? Headline for Singfest 2010 maybe? Just anything.

**Update, Big Night Out 2010 and Singfest 2010 are already over. JUST ONE SHOW PLS.

Becos bottomline is, fans in Singapore are dying to see Radiohead live.

We, the loyal Radiohead fans, call on Radiohead to shower us with their genius.

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