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3 months ago, a house near mine was being demolished when they heard a cry from a baby raccoon so young that he fit in my hand. His family members were killed and he's the only one who survived. He was brought to me because everyone knows my love for animals and I took him in! The last thing on my mind was to check laws... I just wanted to keep the baby safe and fed.
I bottle fed him every 3 hours throughout the day and night, to 3 months old. His name is Radar Walter O'Reilly. I was the first thing he saw and heard once his eyes and ears opened, my dachshunds are his best friends, he is potty-trained, eats grain-free dog food, and his treats include Fruit Loops, marshmallows, and Lucky Charms. He is such a sweet boy, he thinks he's a dog or a cat!!
I wanted to keep him safe and healthy, so I called the vet for an appointment and he told me he couldn't see Radar unless I had a permit. So I sent in the necessary paperwork.
The DNR showed up at my house on 7/5/17 and took him! They wouldn't tell me where they were taking him, but They did tell me, me that if I wanted a raccoon I could buy one from a breeder! How is this possibly better than rescuing one that was too young to survive on his own?
Apparently, I was supposed to call and report him within 24 hours of rescuing him so a rehabber could take him. Radar wasn't even 24 hours old when I rescued him. He doesn't know anything about being "wild", I don't see the difference in a day old raccoon from the woods, or a 5 week old raccoon I can pay $500 for from a breeder! The ONLY difference, "wild animals could have parasites"... yes, I know that. That's why I needed a permit, so I could take him to the vet and get him all checked out!!!

Why can't I just have my baby Radar back? I did the right thing by filing for a permit but admittedly was unaware of time restraints, I also didn't know there was a difference between getting one from a breeder or rescuing one from the wild.

I even offered to take the misdemeanor charge in order to keep him home. My dachshunds Have been looking all over the house for him since they took him from us...
Please make an acception this one time, Give me a permit and let Radar come home!
Please help me bring my baby home, We miss him so so much.

Tierney will take full responsibility for her pet, keep him safe and healthy, and give him a very loving home.
Give her a permit and allow her baby to come home.

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