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I don't know if you guys realize but some of our troops that went over to Iraq have yet to return to their homes. The ones that are still overseas are mostly the ones that were the first to go over there in the beginning. The rest of our soldiers have been brought home but yet these guys are kept over there. You would think that since they were among those to go over their in the beginning they would get to come home first. But no this isn't the case. In fact they aren't even getting all the thinks that they need to stayt healthy such as food and water. Thats right... now joke about this they aren't getting what they need.

Please help me to get these men and women back home. They miss their families and they aren't even getting treated with respect. They enlisted and trained for this war to protect us. But yet they aren't getting what they need to even be healthy. While we are sitting at home enjoying out hamburgers and french fries they can't even get a simple sip of water. If we continue to treat these heros in such as a way that even the poorest people here aren't treated who will we have nexxt time if we have to go to war. No one wants to be treated this way there fore no one will enlist. God Bless their souls!

Please I'm asking you help me to brings our heros home...

Our troops deserve to come home. We can send different troops over to Iraq to replace existing troops. Bring our Troops Home!

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