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A group of six girls had planned a rally to get noticed by boy band, One Direction. It was very successful, we got an interview with NOVA 937 and they said they would forward our video onto Modest Management but we do not know if it ever got through.

We later got told that One Direction were having an Australian and New Zealand tour so we all got excited but when the dates and places were released our hearts sank because Perth was not on the list of places to visit. We had tried everything in our will to get them here but we came to the realisation that we won't be able to get them here.

We heard that One Direction were doing a world tour and now all we want to do is get them to Perth, since Australia is on the world tour list. We have made countless video's about our work and put them onto youtube and created groups and like pages on Facebook.
That's why we have started this petition!


In addition to signing this petition you hereby agree to 'Bringing One Direction to Perth' and any other events/groups planned in the upcoming future to help add to the petition.

I Love you and your amazing, thank you for signing!

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