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You can google "Wayward Wallaby" or "Noah the Wallaby" and you be filled with news sites that give you all the insight into his special situation.

Noah has been part of the Wood family for 4 years, adopted at 10 months out of the pouch. When we moved from Colorado to Missouri, we misunderstood the laws regarding exotics in Missouri. When Noah got out of his pen on Thanksgiving, he was taken to the Zoo till further action.

There is an ordinance against exotics in Platte City. This was not to our knowledge and he was thus taken.
The Board of Alderman is likely to not make any changes to the ordinance.

This is a support petition. We are asking that if you support Noah being a part of the Wood family, to sign.
We are asking the Board of Alderman to consider amending the ordinance to allow for an appeals process to obtain a "conditional use permit" to keep Noah. As written, the law currently allows no flexibility. We understand our mistakes, but he is of absolutely no danger to the community, and we are asking for help in bringing him home.



We, the undersigned, support Noah being allowed as a part of the Wood family and support a change of the exotic animal ordinance.

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