Mewtwo from the Pokemon series was left out of the latest "Super Smash Brothers". In the Pokemon series, he was unbeatable (now, only second to the god Pokemon "Arceus").

Lots of us were looking forward to seeing Mewtwo in Brawl, but he was replaced by Lucario. This petition is not meant to kick Lucario out of the roster and put Mewtwo back in but rather include both.

Who knows, those who hate Mewtwo could Lucario to kill Mewtwo. Should you re-enter Mewtwo, a new moveset might be nessesary.

This is a petition I started to put Mewtwo into the new Smash Brothers Game.

1. No, I'm not asking for him to replace Lucario, just bring him back.

2. Yes, they are going to make a new Smash Brothers, Nintendo is making a hell of a lot of money from this game.

If you want to see savage pshychic back in Smash Brothers, please sign.

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