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To customers disappointed by the discontinuation of Guerlain's ORIGINAL Teint Dore

Guerlain's wonderful Teint Dore original liquid in a bottle was, as I understand it, first introduced around the time of World War Two. Since its conception, it has had a faithful and loyal following by many customers around the globe who treasured it.

In 2006, this fabulous product was discontinued and whilst another lovely Teint Dore product was introduced, in the hearts of many original Teint Dore users, it is simply not as glorious as the much loved original.

The new formulation simply paled by comparison to the scent, colour and texture of the original Teint Dore.

The scent of the original was a classic rose fragrance, which has been lost with susbequent formulations.

Rather than the fine 'nectar' of the original liquid, other (so-called Teint Dore) products lacked the beautiful pink/bronze of the original.

It was indeed the unique pink-tone of the original that made it stand out so dramatically and spectacularly from the crowd.

Anyone willing to sign this petition in the hope that it may convince Guerlain to reinstate the original liquid Teint Dore, would be most welcome.

Anyone who feels the loss, each day, of not being able to reach for their beloved glass bottle of Teint Dore, with its mesmerising scent and unique rose-hue, please consider signing.

BRING IT BACK: Guerlain's ORIGINAL Teint Dore liquid

8 May 2018: No luck yet but please do keep signing - one day it may just tip the balance and we could have our beloved (original formulation) Teint Dore back on our dressing tables.

2 November 2015: I want to say, "Thank you to everyone who has already signed the petition." Please do consider signing, if you haven't already. We may make miracles happen!

8 April 2012: Another, "Thank you," to those who have signed the petition. Sadly Guerlain has not reintroduced this amazing product but let's not give up hope. Please do keep signing.

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