Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Canadians used to be able to watch motorsports racing on the SPEED channel, since the elimination of the channel our cable bills were not adjusted! There has been no channel to replace the lost content for which we paid.

Allow our cable/satellite providers the US channel that offered the content that SPEED used to offer us! Canadians can't even stream the FOX sports channel on the internet since there is a geo fence in place blocking Canadian VPN addresses!

If there is no replacement channels to offer customers who bought bundles we have the right of a refund or credit!

We the undersigned want back our motorsports racing channel or the US substitute FOX SPORTS 1!

If not, we want a credit for services that were removed from contract without monies being refunded!

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The Bring FOX Sports to Canada petition to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission was written by Eric Yuchasz and is in the category Television at GoPetition.