#Students' Rights
Harvard-Westlake Student Body
United States of America

It was the decision of the Harvard-Westlake administration to uphold the policy of no food or drink (water excepted) in the Chalmers Lounge. The initial regulation was a disciplinary response to the questionable cleanliness of the lounge, which was a primary lunch locale.

The carry-over of this disciplinary action is, according to a Chronicle article, the result of mounting cynicism in the administration. We the student body have compelled this cynicism to manifest; simply put, we are not trusted to maintain the cleanliness of the lounge.

In signing this petition, you are appealing to the administration for a second chance. In correlation with this appeal, you are pledging that, if bestowed said second chance, you will make an additional effort to maintain the cleanliness and order of the lounge.

The nature of this petition is based on the three following principles:

1. An indoor eating area is a basic school institution

2. We, the student body, are capable and prepared to uphold cleanliness in the lounge, and earn this institution

3. Eating outside can, in fact, be a strenuous ordeal in the Valley's September heat

If you wish to regain the right to eat in the lounge, and are willing to make the commitment to dispose of your garbage in the conveniently located trash containers, please sign.

We, the undersigned, request that the Harvard-Westlake administration reinstate our right to bring food into the lounge.

We are prepared to accept the challenge of disposing of our trash and maintaining the cleanliness of the lounge. We ask only for the chance to demonstrate our readiness.

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