Felix from Stray kids Just got eliminated!!! *cry cry* *cries in the corner* *sobs*. MY BIAS WHY???!!!??? Just saying JYP why are u eliminating the dance crew? Fingers crossed guys for JYP to be pulling a Momo or else I would be very frustrated. JUST SAYING Felix learned Korean just to have this opportunity to be part of a k-pop group and I'm SORRY that his voice MANAGED to be as LOW as the background track therefore making it inaudible live. But all in all, Felix did apply the *corrections* JYP made about Charisma therefore he most definitley should be brought back. On the bright side tho- he can be reunited with Minho, but there are only 2 episodes of Stray kids are left so a miracle must happen and FELIX & MINHO *MUST* COME BACK!!!! ~SIGN this petition to help with the cause. THXS

Ur basically signing this to Bring Felix back as a permament member of Stray Kids- PLS SUPPORT

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