Georgia Department of Corrections
United States of America

Christopher F. Timmreck is a United States Army combat veteran currently serving a life sentence for murder in the Georgia Department of Corrections. In 2004, very shortly after returning home from Iraq, Christopher was involved in an incident which changed his life forever. Though Christopher acted in self defense, he was convicted of felony murder. Christopher has now served 13 years of his sentence, and is eligible for Parole in October 2018.
Despite the charges, Christopher is not a violent person. He is intelligent, kind, and deserves to live in the country he so bravely defended. This petition offers an opportunity to stand with Christopher, and let the parole board know that we want him home where he belongs.

By signing this petition, I am demanding justice for Christopher. I am making a statement that Christopher F. Timmreck should be released on his parole date, to live in the country he so bravely defended. By signing this petition, I am making the statement to the parole board, and Georgia Department of Corrections authorities to grant Christopher parole in October 2018.

The Bring Chris Home petition to Georgia Department of Corrections was written by Lauren McClintock and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.