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ARMY'S Help Us Get BTS Back to the U.S

Let's bring our boys here. Think about it, how many times have you imagined seekng them on the street? Going to HEB and seeing Rap Monster buying steak? Seeing Jungkook at the Panda Express down the road. What would you do? You'll never find out unless we can get them here. Together I believe we can do it. I plan on sending this petition to Bighit after It's translated. I'm teaming up with other Armys around the U.S to get this going. I'd like to get at least 5,000 signatures. The same amount of people that were at their first concert. Please support this and send me an email if you'd like to help or just gossip about the boys.

We, the undersigned. Call on media company BigHit to bring BTS to the U.S for a tour.

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