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If you grew up around the new millennium with your eye sockets glued to the ole' tube you may remember a certain sitcom on Nickelodeon titled '100 deeds for Eddie McDowd'.

The series ran from 1999-2002 and ended with only three seasons. As you may recall, the premise involved a young boy who was a school bully that ended up being punished for his wrongdoings by being transformed into a Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix.

His only chance at becoming human again rest in his ability to perform 100 good deeds for others. As the show was cut short Eddie only accomplished around 60 deeds, leaving the sitcom completely unresolved. All we are asking is for the original cast to reunite and finish off the sum 40 deeds and bring some much needed closure to this program.

We, the undersigned 90's Nickelodeon generation, call on Nickelodeon studios and MTV Networks Kids & Family Group to immediately start up production on the final episodes/season of 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd.

Bring us closure!

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