#Consumer Affairs
Yahoo! Inc.

This petition was created to bring back the user created rooms provided by Yahoo! Inc. Many people now have no place to vent their anger or justify their opinion or just relax and chat about whatever they wanted to chat about.

As former frequent visitors to these rooms, we are the only ones who can revive our freedom. We must fight to get it back and we must persevere!!!

For a while now, we members of the multitude of services provided by Yahoo! have enjoyed the freedom of being able to create our own chat room on any topic we wish. Although some of said topics were questionable, we were able to go into user rooms to give our opinions on major issues, such as abortion and the War on Terror, and a plethora of small topics, including the latest music and bands and artwork.

We were also able to get together, unwind, and do whatever we wanted while not having to stick to one subject, like fashion or video games, that most of us could care less about. These user created rooms were considered an escape from reality for most people. A place where the person could relax and say what they wanted to say and be who they wanted to be.

These freedoms were taken away from us, and we wish to have them returned to us as soon as possible.

We the undersigned urge the board members of Yahoo! Inc. to bring the user rooms back into their chat services.

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