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Have you ever seen "Gerhart Reinke's Wanderlust"? If not, don't be suprised. This show, while hystericaly funny, was never given a chance to really shine. It never had a good time or a decent commercial campaign. It is well written and very funny to watch. It came from the production company "JackHole", responsible for other great shows such as "The Man Show" and "Crank Yankers". If you have never heard of this show, please visit the webpage listed. It brings you to the wanderlust page of comedycentral.com. While you are there please watch a video or two of this wonderful show. Thankyou.

We, The Undersigned.....We, the fans of comedy central.......We, citizens (Legal or not)of america and various other countries around the world, petition to comedy central television networks. We ask you to reconsider the cancelation of "Gerhart Reinke's Wanerlust." This show is extremely funny and should never have been removed from the air. It may not have made a large amount of money, but that's because it was never given a chance to. It fell victim to poor advertising and sub-standard time slots. We implore you, Comedy Central, to bring back This show.

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The Bring back "WANDERLUST" petition to Comedy Central Television was written by Daniel Luecke and is in the category Humor at GoPetition.