#Media Issues
GLBT community and its straight allies
United States of America

Since April 2008, listeners of Sirius Satellite Radio have been able to become more enlightened with the wisdom from author, editor and radio personality Diana Cage.

Not only did Diana provide us with tons of laughs, she shed a whole new light on the GLBT community.

From guest authors, sex professionals and just great people to weekly psychics and open forums about anything under the sun, The Diana Cage show has created a atmosphere where GLBT listeners and straight allies can listen, talk and trust Diana with their comments, concerns and beliefs.

We, the undersign, call on Dave Gorab and other programmers of Sirius Satellite Radio and its partners to reinstate the Diana Cage Show so that GLBT listeners and straight allies can be enlightened by her words, experiences and knowledge.

We ask that Sirius Satellite Radio allow us to be heard not only a customers but as a community. A community that relies on unity to remain heard and respected.

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The Bring back the Diana Cage Show petition to GLBT community and its straight allies was written by Logan Clark and is in the category Media Issues at GoPetition.