Laconia City Council
United States of America

As many of you know the school budget in Laconia was negatively impacted by a tax cap that, at the time, was ten years old. The decision was made to cut the B teams from the middle school, among other cuts, to balance the budget.

New Hampshire, as well as the entire country, is being faced with a major opioid addiction epidemic. In New Hampshire, the average age where kids try opioids, such as heroin, is 12 years old. The average age of the kids on the B teams at the middle school is 12 years old. These sports programs are critical to keep kids involved and engaged in their own success.

School sports require code of conduct agreements, requiring the student athletes to agree to behave at a higher standard, and to achieve grades above the minimum passing level. All sports teach kids to work together, respect authority, and help open new avenues to higher education past high school. To limit the possibilities for so many children is ludicrous.

The Laconia City Council needs to readdress this issue, and the tax cap, and find a way to bring these sports back, just as they found a way to bring the band back, which is equally important in its own right.

We, the undersigned, call on the Laconia City Council, to reconsider the cuts made to the Laconia Middle School B teams by reexamining the tax cap that brought about these budget cuts, and to consider the inflation that has occurred over the ten years since the tax cap was first put in place.

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