#Gender Rights and Issues

Rick Sanchez from Earth dimension C-137 needs your help! Let's be honest, we all owe Rick everything we have, and most of us have some serious abandonment issues which make these several-year hiatuses between seasons really hard to handle. Dan Harmon sent a pretty clear message to us today--he needs that szechuan sauce! That's what this is all about people. Let's get him the fuel he needs to bring us 9 more seasons of Rick and Morty, pronto! Let's let McDonald's know that Rick gets what Rick wants, and these hungry customers want Rick around!

We, the undersigned (transdimensional) members or current occupants of Earth, call on the McDonald's corporation to bring back the szechuan dipping sauce, made originally as a limited promotion of the movie Mulan in 1998, in honor of the return of Rick Sanchez and to meet his demands in hopes of keeping him around on this planet named after dirt.

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