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New Zealand

You probably know that after 40 years Sesame Street is still a huge hit in America. Also it is the best children's program ever! So why oh why is TV3 or TVNZ not buying episodes of this popular children's program? Why aren't our children watching what we as parents used to watch when we were younger??

These are the replies from TVNZ and TV3

TVNZ said:

Hi there,

This was always on TV3. We suggest you contact TV3 with your email on this one.

TV3 Said:


Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of good news for you, TV3 hasn't owned the broadcast rights for Sesame Street for many, many years and don't know who, if anyone currently holds the broadcast rights for this show.

At this stage we have no plans to pursue the licensing for the show.

Sorry I couldn't bring you better news.

TV3 and C4

TVNZ or TV3, Please bring back "Sesame Street" for our children.

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