#Consumer Affairs
Smiths Snackfood Company

Crunchy Potato Smith Chips "Ruffles" Bring em Back.

Stopped production by Smith's Snackfoods due to decreasing sales. Famous for
leaving the top of your mouth damaged from the rough texture. SUPER YUMMY!

Remember to tell everybody you know to log on and sign...

Dear Ruffles Fanners!!!!!,

Everyone out there, those times everyone used to love which are called" Ruffles"the Potato Smith Chips, they are got to come back, like what Tasty Toobs Just did, they have stopped long time ago everyone is upset about it because they were wondering where they have gone and so on, make sure you help us and I want you to tell everyone about it and sign this petition, Thanks.

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The Bring Back Potato "Ruffles" Smith Chips petition to Smiths Snackfood Company was written by Raed Kazan and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.

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