Pete Townshend

In 2000, Pete Townshend launched a free personal website PETETOWNSHEND.COM, which was run out of Pete's Eel Pie Publishing office until 2006. During those years the site developed into one of the best artist websites on the internet, with a wide variety of content from Pete's personal archives which included daily diary entries, news, photos, video streams, media downloads, and biographical information.

PETETOWNSHEND.COM provided Pete with a creative outlet that enabled him to easily publish his creative writing, experiment with video content and communicate directly with his fan base.

Fans adored the site, and felt a very close connection to him through the work he did on it. Along with the website, Pete opened up a blog in order to publish his novella "The Boy Who Heard Music", the chapters of which were also publicised on PETETOWNSHEND.COM. After the site was closed down in 2006, Pete opened up another blog in order to publish excerpts from his memoirs. The blog format enabled Pete to solicit direct feedback from his fanbase, and both blog projects were a huge success within the fan community.

On the last day of the 2007 tour, Pete left a final comment on his blog, shortly before closing it down. He told his fans that he planned on redesigning and relaunching PETETOWNSHEND.COM soon.

This petition is designed to let Pete know that his fans would very much like to see this happen!


Fans of Pete Townshend do hereby respectfully ask that PETETOWNSHEND.COM be reinstated!

We would very much like to have a Pete Townshend website that:

* Pete personally cares about and contributes content to on a regular basis.
* Will help stimulate Pete's writing by providing him with an easy outlet for publishing his creative work.
* Is run directly from Pete's personal organization, where Pete can speak directly to his fans without going through layers of corporate red tape and censorship.
* Is free for ALL of Pete's fans to visit and interact. We will help pay for site expenses by making voluntary donations.
* Is full of historical archives and high quality content of Pete's solo work and projects.
* Offers fans an opportunity to purchase download or hard copy DVDs and CDs of exclusive solo content, such as demos, concerts and Attic Jam shows.
* Has a simple design, is well organized, and is easy to use and read.
* Has an experienced Web Master who understands and cares about both Pete and the sites audience.

Please Pete, consider bringing back an updated version of the website that thousands of your fans have enjoyed for years. We miss it very much!!!

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