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With youth violence & crimes on the increase, and a society in turmoil; the governments liberal approach has backfired, having disarming parents & teachers by taken away the power to discipline which in turn installs respect; has contributed to youths forming their own interpretation of respect with no regards for authority; they repeatedly flout the law, disrespect those in authority, with no regards for human decency, behaviour or life.

Society is unable to modify this behaviour - they have no answer. Parents have little or no rights, the courts are ignored, prison we are told is not the answer.

Making Military service compulsory to all Juvenile males would install the disciple which is often lacking, break up gang culture, give focus and direction, turn them from boys to men, free up prisons and bring soldiers home from war.

Lets have 1 - 3 years military service, where you have no rights, you do as you are told or suffer the consequences. Seems the Forces can do what they like to achieve what they want.

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We, the undersigned, call on the government to bring back juvenile 1 - 3 years military service.

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