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DC Comics
United States of America

January 2, 2006

Many fans are gathering together these days to plead with DC Comics to bring back the great concept of Hypertime.

Hypertime is the continual existance of infinate universes and timelines within the comic books. With Hypertime, retcons do not exist, and many authors/artists in the past are honored.

All storylines, plots, timelines, and possibilities can happen in comic books... we just have to let them.


DC Comics are an amazing set of stories. They have never really ceased to amaze us with their many twists, and turns. But as of late, they have done away with a concept called 'Hypertime', which was prominate in the Kingdom Superman mini-series a few years back. With Hypertime, all timelines, stories, possibilities, and happenings, exist in an infinate array of universes and dimensions. Nothing goes to waste in the comic books worlds, with Hypertime to back it all up.

We are signing this petition so DC Comics can realize how much we love Hypertime, and all the wonders it brings.

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