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I want to see how many people would donate $1 to the developers of histeria, if many could donate maybe the show may continue until its original planned number of episodes.
I like Histeria! I want to see how many people like me would donate at least $1 to the developers and they get some money enough to make more episodes. Histeria! Has a good Audience and fans, so i dont think it is imposible that we fans could donate money to have more episodes of the series.

We will ask WB, to make some more episodes of Histeria!
The petition is to see how many people would donate $1. For example: if 100M people donate $1, probably Histeria could have some more episodes, since the reason of its cancellation was the few founds it had on 2000

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The Bring back Histeria! petition to WB was written by Joseph Martinez and is in the category Television at GoPetition.