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The death penalty was abolished in britain in 1998. i think it should be brought back, not for the offences it used to be for, murder, high treason, arson in the royal dockyards and piracy with violence but for the things that make us sick to our stomachs like the abduction, rape, torture and murder of children or anyone else.

The people who do these things are sick people and plan their offences beforehand.

These things should warrant death by hanging:
1) gross child abuse.
2) rape
3) murder
4) torture without logical reason (logical reason being to get information from a terror suspect relating to impending terrorist activity with significant risk to human life. also such torture must be of a lower class i.e creating fear of death, chinese water torture,.)
5) kidnap and violence.
6) serious physical harm to a person i.e mutilation, deliberate causing of disability.

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