#Human Rights

We did nothing wrong. Some of us did but please bring back our group for the sake of Philippine memes. The people of the Philippines can't live without Friendly Tagalogposting. It is the only source of our happiness plus the group has been a lot of memories ever since it was created. Many people joined and more became happy. As of now the facebook community here in the Philippines depends on the memes and people can't create much of that without our group because this is the number one filipino group in history of facebook.

we are the people of justice and we call on facebook to bring back the top meme group of the Philippines. Many had lost theirs jobs because of the terminatuon of the group. We may have done some things that can be against your terms of conditions but the administrators and moderators can assure that those posts will be deleted.

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The Bring Back Friendly Tagalogposting petition to facebook was written by Rainzle Mirandilla and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.