Fort Riley KS
United States of America

This petition's purpose is to make known the event where Fort Riley denied retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin a prayer breakfast speech because of his religious preferences as a Christian.

I and those signing this petition fight to bring back Boykin and fight for our religious freedom as Christians as well. Fort Riley claims to want everyone to feel equal, while condemning Christians at the same time, stopping them from stating their personal beliefs.

Bring the real army back. Make Fort Riley better. Sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, fight for Christian beliefs and religious freedom. We disagree with Fort Riley and with their choice of banning Boykin from the prayer breakfast for his personal Christian beliefs.

We, the undersigned, agree that we (Christians), should have the same right as everyone else to stand up for what we believe in publicly, and fight to bring back retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin.

We find it outrageous and morally wrong that Fort Riley has denied us from speaking our religion freely.

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