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Cyborg 009 is a fabulous show that was created in the 1960's by Shotaro Ishinomori and is loved by many children and adults alike. It has humor, action, adventure, and even a little bit of romance once in a while. I started watchin Cyborg 009 back when I was in third grade and it has been my favorite television show since.

Cyborg 009 is about nine humans who were taken from multiple countries from all over the globe, cryongenicly frozen, and transformed into cybernetic soldiers by an organization called the Black Ghost. The nine escaped with their lives, and now fight to bring down the organisation before it wipes out the planet. It isn't very violent, though, even from it's description. Mostly, the only foul language they have is the word 'darn'. IT is honestly a great show.

We hereby declare that we will not rest until the show Cyborg Soldier 009 is once again shown on Cartoon Network with a decent showing time and is on at least twice a week, nor will we be very happy. Please, bring back Cyborg 009.

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