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Chain Chronicle is a massively popular tower defense RPG mobile game. On 29 February 2016, the global edition of the game was shut down and it broke the hearts of many players.

We’re Captains just like you, and we know that Chain Chronicle is more than just a mobile game. It was an escape from our everyday mundane lives. A solace from the chaos of a world we cannot control. A place where we can freely indulge our fantasies.

It’s been a year since Chain Chronicle Global was shuttered, but we know that the mourning is far from over. We know because we feel it too, and just like you, we want to #BringBackChainChronicle.

If you were one of the XXX,XXX Captains who spent hours playing
If you have laughed (or cried) over the game
If you enjoyed the storyline, visuals or the gameplay
If you loved Pirika and the other heroes
If you’ve made friends and were part of a community
If you still can’t find another game to fill that void

And most importantly, if you still want to play Chain Chronicle from wherever you are in the world…

Make yourself heard. Sign the petition and join us in rallying for the return of Chain Chronicle Global.

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