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A year ago HBO canceled Carnivale. A very beautiful, interesting, and original television series. It lasted for only two seasons before it was discontinued.

No one is exactly sure why that is, but there are some clues which are fairly well known which could've contributed to their decision. One, the show was very expensive to film. Especially the opening credits. Two, some guy tried to sue them for 'stealing' his idea from an obscurely named book..which the courts ruled false. The third was, we believe, that HBO did not see that Carnivale was watched ENOUGH, despite the millions of ratings recieved due to the lack of folks online that talked about it.

I believe that, if we can get at the very least a million signers of this petition that we will be able to convince HBO that the show is worth bringing back. More signers are of course, very welcome.

We the fans ask HBO to bring the television series, Carnivale back on the air. Or at least create a few movies, or a miniseries to wrap up the story so we know how the tale ends.

Though we'd really prefer it to be back on tv, we'll take what we can get.

Please, HBO, do not let this beautiful, unique series die.

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