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So this is me being nostalgic but I love the original Mr Men and Little Miss I watched it on VHS and DVD (this makes me feel really old I'm only 24!) Anyway the original Mr Men and Little Miss is overdue a retelling in my opinion and before the official Mr Men and Little Miss' YouTube channel turned off comments people were saying stuff like 'they don't make stuff like this anymore', 'we need season 3 of the original Mr Men series' and it would be a good introduction to those who didn't watch it and also it'd be a perfect way to introduce the Mr Men and Little Miss who didn't get their own episodes and maybe a couple of seasons of Little Miss as Mr Men got 2 seasons but did you know that there was meant to be a season 3 and there is evidence on YouTube my theory is Arthur Lowe (who narrated and voiced the original Mr Men series) recorded the next season and they were going to release it but sadly he died and they scrapped the idea.

I'm asking people that if you want your kids to watch a cartoon that has morals and meaning behind it not someone going in a spaceship with lasers and also the original Mr Men and Little Miss is very calming which is perfect for children who could be on the autistic spectrum and of you watch it the colours aren't too bright and the Little Miss ending with the flowery curtains open and they all sing I can imagine kids who are on the autistic spectrum could sing along to that and with the power of social media parents can film it put it on social media and YouTube the whole franchise would be even more popular.

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