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In 2017, from the middle of December to the middle of January, e.tv broadcasted movies on Monday-Wednesday weekly at 20:30. This is the holiday season and people that are not going away would be watching movies.

e.tv Has a movie channel, however, not everyone has the decoder, as it has to be paid for. Most people would rather watch free television, and so would prefer movies on the free channel.

In 2018, e.tv are no longer broadcasting movies at 20:30 during the holidays, but rather later when many people may be asleep already.

Viewers of e.tv that would like movies to return on weeknights at 20:30 during the 2018 festive season are requested to sign this petition to ask e.tv to broadcast movies at the aforementioned times.

We, the undersigned, call on e.tv to broadcast movies on weeknights at 20:30 during the 2018 festive season. This does not apply to any OpenViewHD television channels, only free e.tv.

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