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Amr Diab
United States of America

I think it's safe to say that we really want Amr Diab to return for another USA TOUR! The last USA tour that he did in 2011 was enjoyed by many and the last planned 2014 one that was canceled last minute upset those who had looked forward to it for so long! Since then, everyone has been asking the question "When will Amr come back to do a USA tour?!"

Amr has a huge fan base here in the USA so maybe if we all join together we could really make this happen! Being that we live abroad and away from our countries, families and don't often get the chance to be visited by our favorite artists, I know it would mean the world to many of us if Amr can come back and gave us a little taste of our culture and made us feel like we're home again!

With that said, sign the petition to get Amr Diab to do another USA tour!

We, the undersigned, call for a USA Tour from superstar, Amr Diab.

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