Big Brother 2008 Fans - Channel 10

Tonight Big Brother 2008 - voted off Brigitte Stavaruk Most Popular housemater on Big Brothers Polls - of over 7 weeks.

Brigitte Stavaruk was evicted from the Big Brother house, minutes before Pamela Anderson went into the house.

There have been rumours asking why Rory Ammon wasn't evicted!!!! Is it because they consider the entertainment of Pamela Anderson and Rory to be viable!!!

Rory was voted the least popular housemate on the polls and was sure to go!!!!

Australia has nominated Rory at least 3 times trying to get rid of him, with him being the second most popular to go in percentages in the last eviction.

Why has our most favourite housemate gone? and the least favourite stayed? just because Pamela Anderson has gone in.

Please sign your name if you think Brigitte was unfairly evicted and if you think the voting system was rigged!!!!!!

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We, the undersigned, call on Big Brother and Channel 10 to respond to this petition, and explain why Brigitte most favourite housemate in the polls went unfairly.

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