Bordentown Regional School District Board of Education
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This year the Thanksgiving Day Football Game will be played on Wednesday night, prior to Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition for both schools to play on Thanksgiving morning. The school made the decision to change the date, without consulting or asking the opinion of the coaches, athletes, band members, staff, alumni or community. We would like to have the game reinstated to Thanksgiving morning, so those of us in the Community can continue our traditions that we have been taking part in for the last 15+ years.

Petition Regarding Thanksgiving Day Football Game
in Bordentown, New Jersey

WHEREAS, the Bordentown Regional High School Principal, Athletic Coordinator and Superintendent of Schools has made a change to the Thanksgiving Day Football Game schedule. Game to be played on Wednesday, November 22nd.

WHEREAS, the school system itself coupled with the Board of Education have made a decision to change a tradition that brings in the most spectators throughout the Football Season and
WHEREAS, the athletes, band members, coaches, staff, alumni and community will have a cultural/traditional event taken away from two small communities that look forward to it each year on Thanksgiving Morning.

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the undersigned people who are registered voters in Bordentown City, Bordentown Township and Fieldsboro do hereby petition the Bordentown Regional School District Board of Education to reinstate the Thanksgiving Day Football Game to the Morning of Thursday, November 23rd.

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