Some (close minded) people of Australia do not want Chris Brown to receive a Visa to come and play his shows on the grounds that he has an extensive criminal record.

Repeatedly people have referenced his domestic dispute with Rihanna several years ago as if it is still a current issue. The only person if anyone he needed forgiveness from was Rihanna and she has since done so. If she can then why can't the rest of the world. He is coming here to share his talent with our beautiful country and deserves to be treated like a human being. I've always thought of Australia as a forgiving and accepting nation, yet people protesting do not seem to share the same feeling.

To the people pleading for him to not be aloud into the country I put to you this; let the past be in the past, show the world that our country is accepting of people who have admitted they have made mistakes and made up for their mistakes.


Calling upon accepting Australians to sign and share in hopes that a man who just wants to showcase his music will be allowed to do so.

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