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Recently having watched the collection of episodes that are collectively the movie final fantasy legend of the crystals, having noticed it's really getting close to lost media status, so unless we act in saving this we may lose a surprisingly entertaining piece of final fantasy history, which we all seem to know never existed as how else would something like that be left as nothing... And you know what, since we're also on this topic, two birds one stone it with a story about Gilgamesh, the reason he's not the same in XV just feels wrong, like there IS something that ties him in to being the same one, and I suspect ever since type zero he changed his way of life, and due to his new way of life, in XV when he glanced at the soul arm, it was like he was feeling that bartz was with him and he could finally get his wish to fight with bartz properly, which I think he has a story worth being created and also between ffV and the legend of the crystals is missing, maybe something regarding what happened to everyone after ffv would be great to discover putting an end to everything, to put this simply the legend of the crystals is starting to fall into lost media, so we need a remastering, and while on the topic of this, Gilgamesh has a story that goes deep, and finally there's still a chunk of final fantasy V story untold prior to legend of the crystals needed addressing

We as fans of final fantasy and possibly fans of anime wish for a remastering of an old story that is almost lost to the void, and would love to also get the full story completed, just to give the legend of the crystals a reason to be remastered by square Enix.

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