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Toyota Motor Corporation/Japan and USA
United States of America

PLease sign petition to BOYCOTT Toyota, Scion and Lexus cars and trucks until Toyota Motor Corporation changes its Franchise bylaws to prohibit its dealerships and franchisees from using a discriminatory "Pre-Condition" to employment in their employment applications that strips away the civil rights and ability take their racial discrimination cases, sexual harassment cases and denial of promotion based on race and discrimination to an open public court of law.

Toyota franchises and its dealerships are openly forcing prospective employees to sign a Binding Arbitration agreement that forces the minority victim to go to a racist discriminatory partial dispute resolution process instead of allowing the victim to have his or her day in court. This no different than Indentured slavery.

A minority victim is forced to sign a discriminatory unfair Pre-Condition before he or she is interviewed and employed if he or she wants to feed feed their family and pursue hapiness. This is immoral, racist, unfiar and unjust.

Toyota dealerships, and franchises along with racist lawyers and bigots have developed a scheme that keeps the racial discrimination charges out of the courts and forces the victims to go through a lengthy bias unfair arbitration process where the Arbitrator is paid for by the dealership. Toyota Corporation, its franchises and dealerships are afraid of justice served upon them in an open court of law and they are afraid of big punitive damage awards.
Toyota and its dealerships have designed a scheme that allows for racial discrimination and harasment to thrive and flourish at their businesses and AVOID the courts and judicial system. Racial discrimination is rooted in Americas DNA and there is a reluctance to deal with it. No one in Americ has ever stepped up and said racial discrimination and injustice is unfair and immoral from the white community.

The culture of racism is rooted in our history and thrives by staying out of the courts by denying minorities their civil rights. Even the courts are in on the practice, immoral laws and rules and are insensitive to the pain and suffering of minorities. It is no different than "obstructing" justice.

Toyota Motor Corporations Diversity Policy is FRAUDULENT. IT is superficial and an insult to Blacks and people of color all over the world.

This is the ultimate Kangaroo court where the judge is bought and paid for by the defendant/employer.

Please sign petition to make Toyota change its franchise bylaws and policies that more minority friendly and sensitive to minority rights.
I wrote to the Toyota Head Quarters in Japan and they referred the letter to the USA division where the executives said that Toyota dealerships and franchises can run their business anyway they want, they did not care if it was discriminatory, harmful to minorities and their familes. I ask that everyone stop buying Toyota cars and Products because toyota is a racist company.

All of us adhere to the laws and rules, why can't Toyota Motor Corporation and its dealerships and franchises?

At Toyota racism and bigotry is alive and well kep under secrecy of Arbitrations, where the Arbitrator is bias because he is bought and paid paid for by Toyota Dealerships and Franchises.

Shame on your TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and its BOARD members and Chairman and EXECUTIVES.

Toyota Motor Corp, please change your franshise and dealership bylaws that restrict your dealers and franchises from using discriminatory labor and hiring practice that deny minorities their civil rights in any way, shape or form. No discriminatory policies period that harm or hurt people of color and minorities.

Toyota must stop its dealerships and franchisees from practicing underground bigotry and racism by denying minorities their civil rights and their rights to fairness, justice and equality.

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