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Our boy got serious injury in car accident close to Sochi, Russia. Drunk driver Prikhodko called his friend policeman Panarin and he falsificated all the case, lokal judges did not punish driver. Insted Panarin became a head of local Road Police and Sochi is gone to become a capital of Olympic Winter Games 2014.

So finally we knew that all these bandits are supported by Mr.Grin, vice Prokuror of Russia who is on the Magnitsky list. And many other members of list invest in the Sochi olimpiade. So this sport event is unsafe for international sportsmen and visitors, controlled by mafia and should be cancelled!

All investments to Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, 2014 are controlled by Russian authorities mentioned in Magnitsky list and members of Duma who voted for anti Magnitsky law.

This sport event is very profitable for them and image of Russia-so international society should stop it and cancel Olympic Games and other international events until they start keeping human rights and imprison all persons from Magnitsky list and stop corruption.

Olympic Games to be held in the most corrupted and dangerous Kuban region of Russia- last year a family of 12 people incl. children was killed tonight by people connected to police and not a single official is punished.

A small boy was brought down by car close to Sochi by drunk driver-instead of punishment police officer Panarin became a Head of Road Police.

Stop corruption in Russia.

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